Arrival – Karlovo náměstí (Charles Square)

General Info

Address: Karlovo náměstí 15, 120 00 Prague 2, Czech Republic

Before We Begin

Do not take a taxi in Prague.
The bigger share of taxi drivers in Prague are EVIL. Read here about taxis in Prague. (Uber and other apps are fine).

Use the currency converter before you go to the exchange.
It will be floating +-5% around this but not more. Ask how much you get before handing over any money. Do not exchange to Ukrainian currency on the street :/

Public Transport: General Info

  • The closest metro station (B/Yellow line) and tram station are Karlovo náměstí (Charles square).
  • From the metro you need the Karlovo náměstí exit (be careful, both ends of the platform have an exit and the wrong one is pretty far away).
  • The apartment is located in the inner yard, the same space as the parking lot. The entrance to the yard is next to the Albert supermarket.
  • Ticket vending machines are placed near most transport stops and on each metro station. Most machines do not accept credit cards but you can purchase tickets from small shops (Relay, Zabka, etc.) with banknotes or a bank card.
  • 1 hour ticket (32 CZK) is enough for all routes listed here.

Public Transport: Arriving from the Central Transport Hubs

Time: 15 min.
Price: 24 CZK
Map with directions

  1. Take a short walk from the Main Train Station to Jindrisska tram stop;
  2. Take the tram No. 3, 6, 14 or 24 from Jindrisska to Karlovo Namesti stop;
  3. Get off the tram and have a 3-minute walk to the apartment.

    Alternative route: take the metro from Hlavni Nadrazi to Florenc (1 stop), change to the yellow line. See the directions from Florenc below for the detailed instructions.

Time: 18 min.
Price: 24 CZK
Map with directions

  1. Take the B/Yellow line metro from Florenc to Karlovo Namesti (4 stops).
  2. Get off on Karlovo Namesti (careful about the exit, the one you need is labelled Karlovo Namesti).
  3. Have a short walk to the apartment.

Public Transport: Arriving from the Airport

Time: 45 min.
Price: 32 CZK
Last bus No. 100 departs at 23:36
Map with directions

  1. Take bus No. 100 in front of the airport exit until the final stop, Zličín. This is the last stop of the yellow (B) line of the metro.
  2. Take the metro to Karlovo náměstí (about 20 minutes journey).
  3. Have a short walk to the apartment.

Arriving by Taxi or Car

Time: 35 min.
Distance: 18 km
Price: 450 – 600 CZK – approx. 550 CZK – the nicest taxis – the company’s success recipe is “no fraud” and very nice cars. Order them from home before you fly to Prague, specify your flight number and they will wait for you in the arrivals hall with a name sign, no extra charge for flight delays, you can pay by card in the taxi and the driver speaks English. I’ll happily book this for you

Liftago app – this is the most common local app for regular taxis. I recommend that one above Uber. Has the same features, drivers apply to your journey and you can pick as by car and rating. Links: App Store|Google Play

Uber app – Gets you to the apartment for about 350-650 CZK depending on surcharge. It works but takes a little longer than and cars vary if yo

Read this article for more details about driving in Prague

Buy a motorway vignette (only possible to buy online)

Never Park in Blue Zones
Blue parking zones are exclusive for local residents and companies. Parking there for more than 15 minutes will get you a fine

Never Stop in Disabled Parking Zones

  • Area around the apartment is mostly blue zones
  • A small part of the street is marked white
  • White zone: 35 CZK/hour|100 CZK/night|Free on holidays and weekends
  • Mr. Parkit – one of the most convenient options, operated 24/7, flexible rates (100 – 600 CZK/day)
  • Vltavska Parking – the cheapest option 3 km. away from the city centre. Easily reachable by tram, 600 CZK/week, paid in advance in cash
  • Palladium Parking Garage – expensive, but close to the centre and secure. 750 CZK/day
  • Hilton Parking in the Old Town – expensive and close to the centre. Covered and secure. 750 CZK/day

Click on a map marker (P) to see the prices

  • City initiative to lighten the traffic in the city centre
  • Available on most non-central metro stations
  • Affordable
  • See more info on this link

Where not to Park

  • Blue zones: your car has a high chance of getting towed for parking in any blue zone. They are reserved for companies with offices in the area and people leaving in the nearby buildings.
  • Places not marked for parking: parking in any area that has no parking labeling will get you a wheel clamp. You will find a receipt on your windshield with a phone number written on it; call the officer on the number provided and he will remove the clamp. There is no fixed price for removing a clamp, only minimal and maximal amount. Police officers often don’t speak English.

Security Advice

  • Car break-ins take the biggest share of property-related crimes in Prague
  • Don’t leave your bag in the car
  • Make it obvious that there is nothing to steal from the car:
    • Put non-valuable items visibly behind the windshield
    • Open all compartments, glove boxes, etc.

Car Theft: High Risk

  • German made cars priced at 30.000+ EUR and new Skoda models have the highest risk of being stolen
  • Cars owned by locals (in contrast to tourist cars) always have a third-party alarm system in addition to the pre-installed one. Thieves prefer tourist cars for obvious reasons.
  • If your car falls into the high-risk category, only use protected parking. Better safe than sorry.