The Prague beer challenge

This is an article stub that I am planning to extend over time, adding more breweries and structuring it better.

The Czech Republic and beer are strongly entangled – historic as well as in every days culture. Read about modern trends below the map.

The Prague beer map – click the flags on the map to get more info about the places

  • Green flags: breweries
  • Red flags: places with a good range of beers from micro-breweries

The Staropramen brewery’s visitor center offers a tour with tasting – 200 CZK – see – Staropramen is the biggest Prague brewery no. 2 in Czech Republic

Spend 1h and 100 CZK / 4 EUR by bus and drive to Plzen to visit the Pilsner Urquell brewery, see details on – the first beer of Pilsner type was made here – you can spend a good day in Plzen on various beer discovery tours.

Ready to travel far? Visit Chodovar – the beer wellness place

Modern trends

beer delivery - foto by Dezidor/Wikimedia Commons

beer delivery – photo by Dezidor/Wikimedia Commons

“Pivo z tanku” – tank beer – high consumption and modern technology allows to discard beer delivery and storage in barrels as well as any preservation tricks. Beer is hauled from the breweries in tank trucks (as e.g. gasoline) and fills the restaurant’s 500-600l containers. The steel container’s inside is fitted with a plastic bag that completely seals the beer off from oxygen and preserves it. Pilsner Urquell was the first to introduce this and still is the major supplier offering “the shortest journey of the beer“. You get to taste the freshest beer that might be just a few hours out of the brewing process as big places empty their 600 litre containers in a day.

taps in Zlý časy - our favourite

taps in Zlý časy – our favourite, photo by

Microbreweries and tapped variety – Prague boasts plenty of pubs where you can sample from 5 to 30 micro-brewery-beers fresh from tap. They are supplied by the about 250 microbreweries of which the majority was opened or revived in the last years. Very common are Ale’s but you can find anything from coffee- over nettle- to smoked beers.


List of beer places – work in progress, right now the map is far more complete

Kolčavka craft brewery in Praha – Libeň: Newly opened in 2014, a non-smoking and family friendly brewery in a residential neighborhood off the tourist map.   website:

Zlý Časy – pub with 15 microbrewery beers on tap: Far off the tourist map but easy to reach. Always changing variety of beers mostly from Czech Republic but 2-3 from abroad, to me this is a very authentic pub. website:

Minipivovar Beznoska in Praha – Prosek: Brewery opened 2013 with a non-smoking restaurant in a residential neighbourhood. website:

Pivovar Třebonice – nice to actually get out of the center. Get the the last subway stop “Zlicin” and walk 20-40min to the village. Great beer food and friendly staff come on top of the beer experience. Also good to connect with a bike trip


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