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Walks in Prague’s surroundings: Unetice

We do this as a day trip with our 2-4 year old kids

The base is a 4km walk through the “Tiche udoly” (silent valley) which is mostly in shadow under the trees.

There is a 4km extension to a view point mid-way which you may choose if your kids are above 4 years or you carry them (not fit for pram) as it involves altitude changes.

Even without kids its great walk on hot summer days with a rewarding target :).

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How AirBnB makes great listings stand out a little more

Many major tourist destinations by now have thousands of AirBnB hosts competing for the attention of guests. But how, beside your budget, do you decide who is best for your holidays?

AirBnB introduces numeric rating averages. And about why it unfortunately does not pay off for an AirBnB host to be better than just very good.

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Christmas holidays in Prague

Prague is by no doubt one of the most romantic places to visit, especially during Christmas time. The city becomes a Christmas wonderland with markets and gigantic Christmas trees, street artists, mulled wine and cinamon roll stands on literally every corner in the old town and beyond.

by Judy Hsieh, creative commons licence

Trdelník at the christmas market

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Vegetarian Prague

The Prague vegetarian scene has become really exciting: fried hermelín and fried eidam are not the only choices in the menus anymore. Instead, there are more and more vegetarian and vegan restaurants popping up, offering various cuisines and forms of culinary indulgence even to those visitors who are more interested in other faces of Prague than the wonderland of ham, sausages and gravy.

picture from Estrella Restaurant’s facebook photos

Below I’m listing some of the rightly most popular and most interesting veteraian/vegan eateries.

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Checklist of things to provide for your AirBnB guests: bathroom

To make your guests really feel home it is important to consider all the tiny details that make for a perfect stay. As we are having a couple of AirBnB listings in beautiful Prague I am happy to share my experience and I am planning to do a couple of articles on exactly those details.

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