Walks in Prague’s surroundings: Unetice

We do this as a day trip with our 2-4 year old kids

The base is a 4km walk through the “Tiche udoly” (silent valley) which is mostly in shadow under the trees.

There is a 4km extension to a view point mid-way which you may choose if your kids are above 4 years or you carry them (not fit for pram) as it involves altitude changes.

Even without kids its great walk on hot summer days with a rewarding target :).

The way

  • Start at Roztoky train station to which is 10min out of Prague by train, depending where you start.
  • From the station you walk down along the main road and turn right at the roundabout.
  • There is a nice restaurants right at the roundabout and one in half way from the station.
  • After the roundabout is a small playground with a “telephone”.
  • About 200m up you leave the main road to the left onto a smaller path that leads you down to the stream. (you may wonder here whether you’re on the right way but as long as you don’t cross the stream you are definitely right).
  • 100m along the stream on the small path you should see a bridge, now if you look right there is a playground in the forest.
  • You continue the small path along the stream for a few hundred meters until a parking lot where you turn left and follow the stream.
  • From here you walk a few kilometers straight until you reach a lake. When you turn right before the lake there is a small playground with great options to get the kids completely wet e.g. by walking through the stream.
  • Here is also where you could walk the additional 4km up to the viewpoint. When you turn at the viewpoint, walk back and turn right you will pass another playground on the “almost-U-turn” after the small church.
  • Walking along either side of the lake after the playground there is nice restaurant right after the lake but it might be a bit overrun.
  • Follow the signs to the “Pivovar” (brewery) to reach the brewery, they’ll also lead you some smaller foot paths through garden/residential area.
  • The brewery is a huge building with a big yard full with tables, great food and obviously great beer.
  • Afterwards in either direction along the main road you will find bus stops, buses go back into Prague 6 (stop “Borislavka”) about every 20min.
  • From there you can either take the subway or trams back into the center.

Direct link to the map: en.mapy.cz (this is mapy.cz because Google Maps simply not know a part of the smaller path at the beginning of the trip which leads you on a small walking path along the stream)

Prague website on the hiking path (in Czech but check the animal pictures)

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