AirBnB listing growth accelerating in Prague

Checking more or less randomly on the number of AirBnB listings in Prague 1 (which is the central district), I was stunned by the growth of the number of hosts.

Not even a month ago I checked for how many hosts there would be in Prague to get an idea about how the market changes. Looking at Prague 1 now we got almost 200 new listings in 30 days. That seems kind of crazy and looks like gold fever is on, big income with low effort.

Whilst looking for our new BnB I already recognized that real estate agents are well aware of AirBnB and I couldn’t help but think that some of my fellow visitors to the apartments might look for the same thing. One agent told me that she knows a great place but can’t tell because she will let out all the apartments of the building herself. Its just landlords who don’t have experiences yet which means that you will get plenty of “rather no” if you plan to rent and mention that you’ll sublet to strangers.

Here are the current numbers for listings in Prague

Prague 1 740 939 27 %
Prague 2 285 346 21 %
Prague 3 198 265 34 %
Prague 4 65 80 23 %
Prague 5 135 199 47 %
Prague 6 79 115 46 %
Prague 7 78 114 46 %
Prague 8 83 105 27 %
Prague 9 15 18 20 %
Prague 10 81 120 48 %
Prague 11 6 9 50 %
Prague 12 8 7 -13 %
Prague 13 13 23 77 %
Prague 14 7 14 100 %
Prague 15 5 7 40 %
Prague total 1798 2361 31 %


It would be pretty interesting to see the numbers of AirBnB bookings in Prague to figure if they are growing equally impressive.

The one easy thing is to check for available listings, as by now Monday 2014-06-09 we got following numbers (searched for Prague, no filters applied)

  • 915 available listings in Prague for the coming weekend (3 nights, Thursday 12th till Sunday 15th)
  • 979 available listings in Prague for the next weekend (3 nights, Thursday 19th till Sunday 22nd)

That means roughly 40% of the listings are not booked, we got middle of June, surely not low season. Checking the first page of listing shows no big deficits, we got full star reviews, plenty of them too, all price ranges, verified pictures… Looks more guests is what is missing and new as well as experienced hosts will really have to do the extra effort to keep occupancy rates up.

Btw. coming week will see a series of AirBnB host meetings if you’re interested.



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