AirBnB Superhost program is back


wow, after long silence and nothing being heard about that program (beside that it is being revamped) I today found a new element in my AirBnB dashboard.

The Superhost program is back!

Applying went straight forward, one click and I was superhost, thank you AirBnB!

AirBnB superhost widget metrics

AirBnB superhost widget metrics

However this is not just an additional badge on your profile but provides you an insight into metrics that you would otherwise miss and that will allow you to measure your guest satisfaction to improve.

The one key metric to me are percentage of 5-Star reviews , if you are a great host and shine with plenty of 5 stars on your listing it gets harder to figure if people were just happy or amazed. That one now tells you a bit more.

AirBnB has setup a subpage for superhosts that shows  criteria and rewards, see

Criteria to be eligible

  • minimum 10 hosted trips
  • minimum 90% response rate
  • minimum 80% five-star reviews
  • no or very little(?) cancelled bookings (is there any superhost here who has a cancelled reservation?)




  • Priority Support: From November 1st 2014 Superhosts get priority support
  • Profile Badge: a shiny button on your profile to tell your guests just how cool it is to stay with you
  • Product Exclusives: AirBnB invites you for product previews and Superhost-only-events
  •  Travel Coupon: Superhosts who maintain their status for a full year receive a $100 travel coupon.
You thing your are elegible, go ahead login in to your dashboard and check it!

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