tourist tax in Prague – AirBnB

This is what you as AirBnB host need to know about the tourist tax in Prague, called “Místní poplatek za  lázeňský nebo rekreační pobyt”.
This tax is different in each city district. You need to fill a different form and file it in a different place.

Important: I am not a lawyer and I do not give legal advise in any kind, ask your lawyer or tax adviser for such.

Main points on the tax

  • you need to keep a “book of guests”
  • it is 15 CZK per person per night  (not per bed!)
  • registration is done in 15min and is easy
  • you need to file a monthly form latest the 15th of the succeeding month
  • needs to be paid latest the 15th of the succeeding month
  • legally it is not a tax but rather a fee

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AirBnB listing growth accelerating in Prague

Checking more or less randomly on the number of AirBnB listings in Prague 1 (which is the central district), I was stunned by the growth of the number of hosts.

Not even a month ago I checked for how many hosts there would be in Prague to get an idea about how the market changes. Looking at Prague 1 now we got almost 200 new listings in 30 days. That seems kind of crazy and looks like gold fever is on, big income with low effort. Continue reading